How to migrate to Australia


“How to migrate to Australia” is a guide in nutshell.


It is the most comprehensive and user-friendly migrants’ guide.

Each chapter talks about important information on the migration process to Australia highlighting what needs to be done to get a visa to Australia.


“How to Migrate to Australia” is your handy leader with the most relevant, useful hints & tips for your migration process needs. Essential information from each section will help you successfully settle in Australia.


This eBook is dedicated to the theme of migration to Australia. It describes the basic principles and stages of migration process. eBook is written by a migrant – Paulina Nowak, who live in Australia on permanent visa since 2006.


The first chapter discusses what helps to get a visa to Australia.

The second chapter defines the primarily stages of migration process.

The third chapter express personal characteristics that simplify settlement in Australia.

The fourth chapter describes the general visa groups.



Author: Paulina Nowak

Format: eBook, pdf

Number of pages: 22

Language: English version

Year published: 2015

Country of publication: Australia