About me

My name is Paulina Nowak and I have been a proud Australian citizen for nearly a decade. I was born in central Europe, Poland and always dreamed of travelling and exploring the world. Today, my dream has come true – I feel like, I am a citizen of the World.
I have been able to make a wonderful life in Australia with my family and therefore want to share my life through series of eBooks with you.
My professional career was built in two countries, Poland and Australia; consequently it allowed me to work in Quality Management Systems worldwide. This experience has proven to be a wealth beyond financial gain and allowed me a deep sense of personal growth and achievement. Having worked in both large multinational companies as well as small local businesses, I have learnt the European and Australian markets.
However, there were always some obstacles along the way that did not allow me to fully spread my wings and soar.  I believe that my potential is limitless and have always thought I can do more. I think differently and I can always improve.
The idea of migrating to a new country may seem daunting at first but I believe everyone can do it.
At  the beginning of my story, I thought I had nothing but a giant student loan and a load of favors to repay. I was wrong. Study had taught me to look at things from different perspectives and I continue to use this every day. Over time I came to appreciate the knowledge gained at university and accompanied it with real life experiences  from the workplace.
Subsequently, my study became a career and my career allowed me to travel and enjoy many varied life experiences. Could I have imagined…love and marriage, parenting, a career abroad with various opportunities, financial security, being a home owner or migration to the other end of the World – migration to Australia!
All these experiences have led me here today…and made me who I am.
Paulina Nowak happy World citizen living permanently in Australia since 2006. Being a migrant, was only a stage in my life, like being a student or a Quality Assurance Manager.
What stage are you in and where will you be in the next 10 years? Have you asked yourself this question?
Be free and set your wings wide with me.
Paulina Nowak
The author of eBook “How to migrate to Australia”