About my eBook

My first eBook “How to migrate to Australia” is a guide in a nutshell. It is the most comprehensive and user-friendly migrants’ guide.
Each chapter talks about important information on the migration process to Australia highlighting what needs to be done to get a visa to Australia.
“How to Migrate to Australia” is your handy leader with the most relevant, useful hints & tips for your migration process needs. Essential information from each section will help you successfully settle in Australia.
The purpose of this eBook is to provide migrants with easy suggestions on the migration process and settlement in Australia.
Living permanently in Australia is possible; however, for your dream to come true you have to fulfil certain conditions.
The Australian Immigration Office offers many visa types. Some of them give you the opportunity of permanently living in Australia where other visas will give you temporary permission for work, business or study. These visas can make it possible to gain work permits, buy a house, access health care cover, free education and many other aspects of life down under.
eBook “How to migrate to Australia” describes the general visa groups such as:

  • Permanent residence visa based on professional qualifications;
  • Student visa, designed for people who are interested in study in Australia;
  • Business visa for people who would like to open a business in Australia;
  • Working holiday visa types designated for people who are willing to work & travel around Australia;

By reading my eBook you will learn:

  • What needs to be done in order to get an Australian visa;
  • How to successfully settle down in Australia.



“In some instances you may be in the process of applying for a second type of visa because your first visa is expiring. In such circumstances you may be granted a bridging visa which allows you to legally reside within Australia until your second visa is granted. It is essential to keep in mind that if you are…”


“Following is that dreaded conversation with your employer or educational institution. Last but not least, you need to get your financial affairs in order by selling or leasing your assets. Taking some personal belonging with you or deciding you need more things to remind you of home by shipping a container of your family history into Australia…”


“Ability to allow yourself to make mistakes. The first stages in Australia can be compared to the first steps that a baby takes in their life. Just like babies we are discovering the world as if for the first time in our lives. It is vital that you don’t play the blame game. The quicker you accept that mistakes will happen regardless of who has made them the quicker you can reach your goals. For instance if one was to punish a child for not walking but crawling such child would most likely never learn to run…”

I highly recommend my eBook to anyone who thinks about life in Australia,
Paulina Nowak