My eBook Australia

My eBook Australia is a place where you can buy an eBook about Australia. If you are looking for any information regarding Australia – you are at the right spot!
It is the place where you start your journey to Australia.
Each eBook is written by a migrant who lives in Australia. Information included in every eBook is written from a migrant perspective. All eBooks are available to download in pdf format.
Paulina Nowak reads and verifies all eBooks before publishing, making sure they are written in a simple and easy to understand style.
Paulina also checks the content of the eBook, making sure it is friendly and informative for future or current migrant.

About my eBook

“How to migrate to Australia” eBook written by Paulina Nowak is directed at anybody who is planning to migrate and settle in Australia. By purchasing the eBook you will have the rare opportunity to find out the following information:

  • How the Visa and Immigration system operates within Australia, explained in simple terms;
  • What are the requirements to successfully reside in Australia as well as some helpful hints on how to obtain a visa;
  • Stages involved in the migration process to Australia;
  • Description on personal characteristics helping to settle permanently in Australia.


“I already live in Australia but I wasn’t born here, I am a migrant.
I read this ebook because I was curious what is it about. Oh, I wish I could read it many years ago. There is so much true about feelings and the life as a migrant. It is literally a good book and very easy to read”